Nashbar Fluid Trainer With Accessory Pack

Nashbar Fluid Trainer With Accessory Pack

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Product Description

The Nashbar Fluid Trainer with Accessory Pack is your all-in-one ticket to high-performance indoor training. Our fluid trainer’s resistance unit uses an internal flywheel system guaranteeing smooth, quiet, and consistent delivery of a lifelike pedal stroke. Additionally, the trainer is easy to set up and tear down plus with zero cords, power, cables, etc. it means you can just drop it down anywhere for a solid workout. Speaking of dropping the trainer down anywhere, the accessory pack includes a floor mat that protects your floor and carpets. Not only that, it ensures the trainer stays firmly in place as well as reduces the noise level. Also included in the accessory pack is a riser block that levels out your bike as well as provides front wheel stability. Trainer uses internal flywheel/fluid system to provide excellent resistance and life-like pedal stroke Super-simple setup great for bringing along for race warm-ups, travelling, or moving around the house Rubber feet on bottom of unit prevent slippage and floor scuffing Floor mat protects floors and carpets Mat provides additional grip for the trainer as well as reduces trainer’s noise Riser block levels out bike and provides stability Includes: fluid trainer, riser block, floor mat


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